Friday, October 19, 2007

That's right... We're ready for the undead uprising!

Here's a quick link for you all to test you knowledge of the walking dead! User Test: The Zombie Survival Test.

Don't laugh! The shadow-wussies have long sought a way to make walking weapons out of the undead scourge! Thankfully, there is no way to domesticate, communicate with or train a zombie. So, strangely enough, many of the mask-wearing sissies have been "nullified" by mankind's worst enemy! The unfortunate side of this is that if the newly "nullified" ninja dogs aren't put down QUICK , just like any other Zack (zombie) they start stumbling around trying to feed!

So. If confronted by one of the undead who's wearing a balaclava and black pajamas:

1-Thank him/her quickly from a safe distance.

2-Get a good grip on your crowbar.

3-Cave that undead butt-head's melon in!

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