Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hats off to Max (credit where credit is due...)


This month, we've seen a marked decline in ninja activity here in the wilds of Ohio. Since we have a break, the three of us thought we'd give a big congrats and heart felt, thank you from the bottom of our hearts to the pioneer of the zombie awareness movement, the esteemed Mr. Max Brooks.

With the success of his ground breaking "The Zombie Survival Guide" , Max provided the world with the means to "organize before they rise!" Believe us, the pajama-wearing fairies are still seeking a way to bend the hordes of walking dead to their will attempting to augment their plans for global domination with the "perfect" killer. The problem is, even the sneakiest shadow-sissy doesn't understand just how dangerous even ONE zombie is. One becomes two, those two become ten and those ten become the beginning of the end for mankind.

If you haven't had a chance to get yourself a copy of "The Guide" yet, we have to ask...

What are you waiting for?
Someone to hold your hand and buy you one you lazy, poop-eating, ninja-suck up?
Maybe you'd like someone to powder your bum and make you a cookie while they're at it???
Get up off your lazy keester, walk it down to your local bookstore or get online and get yourself one, stupid!

Or don't. End up with your brain eaten. See if we care.
We plan on eating steak, drinking Guinness and making sweet, monkey nookie until we're all over 80 ourselves. And since we all have "The Guide" we're prepared to do it.

It's your choice.
Be ready, or be zombie-chow!

Until next time, keep you Guinness cold, your crow-bar handy and if your tree monkey heads for the hills...well, grab your 30 odd six and stay alert!

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